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Reinhart 4 step building process

The Reinhart Group’s 4 Step Building Process

During construction, one little mistake could halt an entire project. Each and every single step must be thoroughly planned, examined, and executed.

We plan each project using our 4-step method. When a client inquires about leasing a long-term building, we guide them through each step starting with an initial consult.

Step 1: Initial Consult

Planning a large building project is a daunting task but by breaking it down into actionable pieces, we are able to minimize risk and help avoid mistakes in the building process.

This is started with a checklist, covering off details of the build. Many clients discover that undertaking a development project is a complicated process with more options involved than they realized, so we simplify it by breaking it down into categories.

We listen. Each client’s issues, concerns, and needs are different, so we narrow it down to specifics. We also encourage the client to think forward and consider upcoming costs rather than just present needs. We try to be as upfront and realistic as possible to ensure our clients always consider the big picture.

We take industry sector into consideration, figuring out the best building layout for day to day effective operations.The better the building layout, the more efficient the business runs while ensuring employees enjoy their work environment.

Step 2: Inspection

With a clear vision of our client’s needs, we inspect their existing property which can be done physically or remotely. We gather technical details including the weight of materials handled, and type of gravel be used for current and expansion requirements. When expansion happens, we must ensure there is adequate room for this to happen.

Step 3: Compliance

There are a multitude of codes and details to be addressed when planning a build. When we have accurate details about a property and know the purpose of the building, we determine the unique permits, codes, and requirements for each individual project.

It is time to move on to the next step…

Step 4: Design

It has been proven that the interior design of a building has a huge impact on company employees as well as clients.  Thus, we make it mandatory for clients to hire an interior designer, or use one of our recommended designers. An experienced interior designer brings value to the table by taking the same materials you or I might choose and adding in a mix of color to produce the “Wow!” factor.

Attention To Detail

There can never be too many details. The more detail you gather during the planning stages, the fewer mistakes you will make during the actual building process.


The Story Behind Our Steel

Star Steel Manufacturing company is one of the oldest manufacturers of steel buildings.  Star approached us some time ago about forming a partnership. We jumped at the chance to partner with such a reputable company because of the consistent quality of the product and services they provide.

Choosing a manufacturer for a steel building involves a long-term commitment and must  be carefully considered from day one. Fifteen years down the road, envision a careless driver running into your building.  This type of  accident, which happens frequently, can temporarily stop productivity in your workplace while repairs are done.

If in dire need of parts and supplies to ensure a speedy fix, the original manufacturer is the only solution. If they are no longer around, you are out of luck regarding original steel parts. It is essential for your peace of mind to choose a manufacturer who has been and  will be around to supply materials when you need them.

The Importance of Engineering Quality Steel Buildings

Searching online for the most inexpensive steel structure may save money short term, however, it often ends up being more expensive in the long run. Many things must be taken into account when engineering a steel building. Not unlike building a wooden structure, there are different ways to build and a range of different types of steel available to assemble with. For example, codes require that all steel buildings must be engineered for expected snow load. This translates to:  the type of steel building built in California simply could not be built in Alberta Canada.

We walk our clients through every step of this process ensuring the buildings they are investing in long term are up to code. We know the questions to ask, ensuring satisfaction with every aspect of a new building.


The History of the Reinhart Group

It seems as soon as I could walk, my father started teaching me how equipment worked and how to fix it. When times were tough we were involved in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, finishing and whatever it took the get the job done.  Needless to say, my Saturdays were filled with a lot more than just hanging out with my friends.  In fact, my father saw my friends as extra labour, and when it came to sticking around, only the strong ones survived.  You know who you are!

When I was as young as 12, my father was kind enough to take me everywhere during his business days. He introduced me to accountants, lawyers, and other people of importance in the business world.

The real action began when I was 21. I verbalized a business plan for one of my fathers company’s. The business plan included 3 monumental changes. After that point, the company grew many times it’s then current value.. A few years later the company was purchased by a public company.

It was at that point I became heavily involved in development, building, and leasing. Today we have our own steel building line and many outstanding in-house employees with years of experience.

The Secret to our Success

Our employees are the secret to our success. We are extremely selective during the hiring process because we want to find the best people possible to join our team. Once we find a star, we do whatever we can to provide ongoing training and opportunities to grow within the company. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that expanding people’s minds is the key to success. As employees grow, they will add more and more value to your company.

We tend to hire people with an entrepreneurial spirit which goes against the grain. So many employers are afraid to hire entrepreneurial people because they believe they will learn what  they need to succeed and then go on to start their own business.  We don’t have that mindset. Instead, we allow our people to become entrepreneurs within our company and when they are ready, we give them a chance to take over a division.

Thanks to our discerning attitude during the hiring process, we have built a great team of hard-working employees, who are passionate about helping our company grow.

Why We Lease

Many prefer not to hire individual companies to handle each step of the building process: ie. buy the land, design the building, build, lease and handle maintenance. That takes a lot of phone calls, doesn’t it? That is why we do everything from A to Z, and we strive for quality every step of the way, concentrating on cutting down on time spent and giving our clients peace of mind.

I am very proud of our company and owe it to the quality and integrity of our employees. We look forward to serving you in the coming years.