An Overview of Clear Span Buildings

Reinhart clear spanTo create excess room to maneuver inside a building, a clear span option works best.   Three different types are available to choose from. Each fits specific business operations and special movement needs.

Tapered Column

A clear span tapered column building allows extra headroom. Thanks to a high ceiling and side walls, a wide range of heavy machinery can be stored inside. If  pulleys, cranes or other items are to be installed, this structure is ideal. Tapered column structures  will also accommodate larger overhead doors.

Potential companies for these types of buildings:

Industrial companies with heavy machinery, gymnasiums, agricultural equipment operators, and other indoor facilities requiring overhead crane equipment.

Straight Column

Straight column buildings are characterized by a flat roof. While more cost effective in some regards, clear span straight column structures can be used in different parts of Canada depending on snowfall. Flat roof gives you less of a pitch, therefore snow loads don’t have a slope to slide down. Without a slope, too much weight accumulates on the roof. Straight column structures have the advantage of allowing for a straight wall which allows for different finishing options.

Potential companies for these types of buildings:

Retail, commercial, and office space not requiring a high roof and/or locations without excessive snowfall.

Straight Column Single Slope

At Reinhart Group we continue to experience a growing demand for clear span straight column single slope buildings. This type of steel frame is higher on one side and gradually declines downward to the opposite side. It is a popular architectural feature perfect for handling drainage issues. We use these buildings, for instance, in areas where we want water to run from the front to the back of the building where a ditch is on the low side to get rid of water quickly. A high front on the building will also allow for larger overhead doors.

Many retail environments use these slopes. When you drive by you may not notice this thanks to front  facades used by many retailers to disguise the look. Industrial companies often use them simply because they look like neat buildings.

Potential companies for these types of buildings:

Retail and industrial businesses.

Clear span frame buildings really depend on the type of business they will accomodate. Tapered columns are great for large machinery, overhead cranes and convenient  traffic movement within.  Though somewhat smaller, straight columns can be a better bargain while single slopes offer better drainage options and can add a little extra to the architectural finish.

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