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3 Advantages of Moving To An Industrial Park

The move to an industrial park is a common consideration for companies working out of steel buildings. There are several strong points in favor of industrial parks and in this article, we will cover off what some of them are.  We will also discuss some of the benefits of moving into a park owned by a company where a 1-stop shop for steel building construction exists.

Lease Amendment Due to Fast Company Growth

Rapid company growth is a one reason for exercising  early break clauses in a lease and one major benefit of industrial parks in general is that a short distance move will result in minimal disruption to your business.

Because we own the land and we create buildings from scratch, we are always expanding our holdings to help thriving companies grow within our parks. If a move between buildings to accommodate expansion sees an amendment in the timeline because possession is pushed forward … no problem! Because we manage both your existing and new construction, we have you covered.

Purchasing a Building Only When it’s Ready for You

Using numerous contractors when building a warehouse or steel structure, means hiring different contractors for the dirt work, the sewer lines, the general contracting and all other aspects.When your building is finished and these people are paid, they are gone.

Every new building requires a little tweaking in the first 12 months. So, what is our philosophy? We get the building ready for you and you can lease it for six or even 12 months if you prefer and then buy, after all the necessary tweaks and adjustments have been completed to your exact specifications.

Getting Your Storage and Movement Details Right

Traffic movement around your building is important and the same can be said for storage. If you hire a 1-stop company who owns the industrial Park, you will enjoy the luxury of sitting down with a CAD designer to properly map out and visualize your traffic movement and storage requirements thus ensuring they are accurate. It can be difficult to visualize these things without seeing them laid out right and that is precisely what we do to avoid future space issues. It is our site, so we are accountable for your company needs.

Drive-through buildings are proving to be very popular these days and, while a little more yard space is required, the benefits for easy movement of equipment and many other logistic factors merit an article of their own. Moving equipment around within a shop to make way for a broken unit in the middle of winter when it is cold, icy and snowing outside is no easy task when you have deadlines to meet.

Again because we own the site and build to suit, we can pass the luxury of customizability on to you, the client, at no additional expense.

The Importance of Accountability in an Industrial Park

Every time we build, there is an investment in our company as well as yours. This translates into us being 100% accountable for every single structure that goes up, from the underground and sewers to the roofs and gutters.

Fire, safety, leasing and all other regulations will be dealt with because they must be met. There is no passing the buck so if something goes wrong, it will simply get fixed without any involvement on your part.

If you are considering moving to an industrial park and this sounds like a solution, feel free to give us a call to find out more.