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6 Reasons Why An Interior Designer is Critical To The Success of Your Commercial Building

Reinhart Working With Interior Designer

The words ‘interior design” may conjure up images of floral wallpaper patterns and designer furniture. What relationship do these things have to a steel building?  None. That said, an interior designer is critical to a successful project, which is precisely why we have worked closely with several professionals over the years.

Reasoning for this includes:

A Shift in Expectations

In the 1950s, people were happy to work out of their garage with nothing more than the bare necessities like tools and a roof over their head. Expectations have evolved. Employees both expect and work much better in a clean, separate office and an aesthetically appealing workshop, resulting in a happier, more productive staff.

The Before and After Difference

Clients often say they are not happy with the appearance of their current space.  When we show them some of our buildings where interior designers have worked their magic, before entering the building we say:

“Remember, this building is made with the same materials as used on the inside of your building.”

Their reaction is all the confirmation we need to support our theory regarding “interior design”.

Savings in Materials Costs

Interior designers are always on the lookout for new, interesting and cost effective materials.

When the Time Comes to Lease Your Property

If and when the time comes to move from your building, you will have to sublease or sell.  If you are unable to do so for whatever reason, it could end up costing you dearly when paying unnecessary rent or mortgage payments for a building you no longer fit.

How much easier would it be to sublease or sell a building offering potential tenants the ‘wow factor’ from the moment they walk through the doors? How much easier would it be, should you  want to find someone to take that space?

Making Sure You Get What You Sign up For

While it’s true interior designers are creative people, a good one will see the clients vision and implement what is requested without indulging unnecessarily in their own creative whims.

The result will ensure the finished product is your vision, that it works to suit your needs and that nothing is lost in miscommunication.

Maximizing The Use of Space

A professional interior designer will work closely with the architect to ensure no square meter is wasted. While the use of space is primarily the concern of the architect, the interior designer is the other side of the same coin and strong communication between the two will result in a more efficient and effective use of space.

In summary, having someone who is skilled at interpreting the vision of the client, and creating an effective industrial environment will make a world of difference to the end result.