What Makes Reinhart Group’s One-Stop Commercial Leasing Unique?

Reinhart Group’s one-stop business model was born from a gap in the market that was costing a fortune in wasted time and money. Significant problems were occurring due to a lack of accountability when trying to maintain regulations while working with 4-5 different companies.

We wanted to find a solution.

Historically we have found, even very large companies do not have staff with a background in construction and that often leads to scenarios like the following:

Common Problems of the Leasing Process

Somebody in the company is tasked with getting the project underway and begins by calling a realtor to discuss land. This is followed by someone else dealing with dirt and landscaping. One more phone call covers underground services and another is made for building construction.

The problem with this process? Each individual company will focus solely on getting their part of the job done, securing only their part of the contract and subsequent profit.

There is nobody assigned to direct the entire project including:

  • Customizing the build from the ground up rather than using an easy template
  • Ensuring ground, land, building and fire regulations are adhered to for the entire project.
  • Making sure every square foot is carefully planned out to allow for predicted future expansion.
  • Countless hours are wasted communicating between all the different teams

How the Reinhart 1-Stop Method Works

Unfortunately, this scenario is fairly typical. Customers were tired of dealing with half a dozen different contractors and this is how our 1-stop model was born. We have a close partnership with a steel manufacturer, own the necessary heavy equipment, have in-house general contractors, sewage system engineers and reliable realtors who are not single mindedly focused on their commission.

So what is the final result?

  • When an issue surfaces with a lease, water usage or fire regulations, one of our team members visits on-site and a solution is found ASAP.
  • Communication between teams is fast and efficient because really, it’s all the same team
  • Our team is held entirely accountable for the entire project, eliminating situations where departments try to pass the blame to someone else

In any case, we can either prevent a problem from arising or solve it without disruption to your business.

If a company employee leaves or changes positions within your company during the course of the build, it does not pose a problem because the Reinhart team is ensuring all agreed upon terms are being met.

This leaves just one more item for discussion.

How Much Involvement Would You Like with Your Design?

With a 1-stop commercial leasing model, the question that remains is “how involved would you like to be with the project. Some clients like to give us an outline of their needs, show us  predicted company expansion and let us get on with the work.

Others prefer a more hands on approach and, that is fine too. Our company motto is:

“Let’s figure out the best possible design for your building together, and we’ll give you a call when it’s time to pick up the keys.”

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