Land Development

The word "development" means different things to different people. To us it means someone's dream!  When a client comes to us, they are not just looking for a facility; they are looking to showcase their company to the world!  They want a place where their team can collaborate each day and make a difference in their industry sector and the people they serve. 

While working with our group, clients discover how important the right land and building plan are when efficiency and productivity are mastered. With the right layout, they are surprised at how much money they can save.

Reinhart Business Park Availability April 2015
Our group has flourished and benefited by operating our own construction company, Reinhart Developments Inc.  This is an integral part of the group because we provide the following expertise: 

Engineering and testing is completed to ensure soil compaction and site drainage meet or exceed legislated requirements.

Site preparation, including "dirt work", is completed by competent employees using our own equipment.

The design and engineering of the facilities is a joint effort between us and the experts at Star Buildings (

General contracting is provided by our in-house team of experts to ensure the client receives a quality project that is produced on time and within budget.

All projects are managed and maintained by this same team of experts.